Licenses #

Here is information regarding the ManoMotion licensing system.

Bundle ID / License key

The bundle id is the applications ID and looks like “com.companyname.appname”.
The License key is a unique key that will only work with a specific bundle ID, the key looks like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
You can use the same Bundle ID for multiple keys, but you can’t have the same license key for different Bundle IDs.

Credits / Devices

Each license key have a number (that can be changed) of credits, each credits represents an installation on a android or iOS device. So if your license key has 50 credits, you can install and run your application on 50 different devices. If the application gets installed on more devices it will not be able to run the ManoMotion tech.


Every license also has an expiration date, after the expiration date expires the license will no longer work. The expiration date can be postponed.



Business Plan #

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