Quickstart #

Follow these steps in order to get a first experience of the SDK PRO capabilities and try out our SDK feature example scene that’s ready inside the Unity package.

  1. Create a new Unity project, we recommend using official 2019 versions of Unity that can be found HERE or from within Unity Hub.
  2. After that import all the contents of the ManoMotion SDK PRO Unity package into your project.
  3. Go to Build Settings and set the Platform to either iOS or Android. ManoMotion SDK PRO will ONLY work on a mobile platform.
  4. If you are using SDK PRO together with AR Foundation, you need to add the AR Foundation (ARCore (Android) / ARKit (iOS)) from the Unity Package manager. Follow this link for more details.
  5. Make sure that your computer has the necessary files to develop for mobile phones JDK, Android Studio, Xcode.
  6. Our Editor Script, ManoMotionSetup, will make some automatic adjustments in the player settings so please be aware.
    • [Android] Set Scripting BackEnd, IL2CPP
    • [Android] Set Target Architecture to ARM64
    • [Android] Install Location, Prefer External
    • [Android] Internet Access Require
    • [Android] Write Permission, External (SDCard)
    • [iOS] A default Camera Usage Description – You can replace that.
    • [iOS] Set Architecture to ARM64
    • [iOS] Scripting Backend IL2CPP
  7. Navigate into the Assets folder -> ManoMotion -> Scenes -> Open the ManoMotionSDKProFeatures Scene.
  8. Now you need to set the Bundle Identifier/Package name that looks like “com.DefaultCompany”, that comes as a default from Unity. You need to enter the provided bundle ID that you got from us, together with the licence that needs to be put inside the ManoMotionManager prefab that is already in the Features scene.
  9. After this you need to build the scene to either an Android or iOS device.
  10. If the test scene doesn’t run as expected on your device you can look at our Trouble shooting page


Important notes:

Make sure that your phone has a stable internet connection. It will be used during the initialization step to verify your bundle ID and License Key.

If you are using a bundle ID and license of your own, make sure that your bundle ID and your license key do not include any spaces or other characters.

If you are combining the SDK Lite with any other SDK, make sure that the changes in step 5 are not affected by any existing manifest.

In case you are experiencing missing prefabs, upgrade your Unity version through the Unity Help menu.


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