Using our Hand Tracking methodologies, our SDK is capable of identifying and understanding the nuances in hand motions. It is technically possible using our technology to create frameworks for recognizing and tracking all kinds of gestures.

Below is a list of out-of-the-box gestures we support. It is important to first understand that Gestures are first defined categorically, under different “classes” of gestures, which include for example, Pinch, Grab, Point class gestures. Within our pre-determined set of gestures (called ManoGestures), we also segment them into two variations of Gestures, namely Continuous and Trigger Gestures.

Continuous Gestures

– Gestures that are held in the same “state”, “hand pose” or more simply, hand position over a period of time. This is irrespective of any global translation or movement of the hand in general.

Trigger Gestures

– Gestures that transit quickly between different “states”, “hand poses” or more simply, hand positions over a period of time.

As mentioned, a ManoGesture can be a continuous gesture or a trigger gesture. ManoGestures can support both hands(right & left), different orientations and states, but with some limitations. Refer to the table below for a list of out-of-the-box gestures we support. We can also support, create and customize many variations of gestures not covered in the table below :

Table 2 : Classifications and visual representations of ManoGestures


ManoClass: Pinch
Open Pinch Click
Closed Pinch Pick Drop

→ Hold →
ManoClass: Grab
Closed Hand Grab (Back) Release (Back)

→ Closed Hand (Back) →
Open Hand Grab (Front) Release (Front)

→ Closed Hand (Front) →
ManoClass: Point
Push Tap
Swipe Left/Right